GDPR Question – right to be forgotten and archiving for historical purposes…

One thing I’ve been wondering about is what clauses there are about historical archiving of information for history’s sake.

We know sooooo much about previous civilizations through their cultures and societies through the preservation their historical leftovers. Whether it’s buildings, relics/artifacts but most importantly their written records. Whether 2000 years ago or 20 years ago, the preservation of information is invaluable.

We also know soooo little about other civilizations from the destruction of their artifacts, and lack of written history.

Are there any clauses or safeguards in the GDPR regulations to prevent the latter from happening? In my mind, whose to say in the future some ruling political person or party doesn’t pull the GDPR card to erase information about themselves or their opponents? To me this is a huge threat long-term if this wasn’t factored in somehow…

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